Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Our commitment: excellence in services

Founded in 1968, Abdón Pedrajas is noted as one of the Spanish law firms that offers the highest degree of specialisation and quality in handling Labour, Employment & Social Security issues, as well as facets of Administrative Labour Law. Furthermore, over the past years, it has initiated an expansion process seeking to provide general services to companies, thus offering legal advice in the area of Finance & Tax Law.

The Firm is committed to the highest standard and excellence of the services it offers and provides. Our Professionals, headed by acclaimed University Professors and Jurists, guarantee this service excellence, the Firm having become a national standard of reference.

With offices in Madrid and Barcelona, it provides legal assistance to national and multinational companies of all business sectors, as well as frequently acting as external consultants for other Law and Consultancy Firms.


We always draw a clear picture of the problem brought before us, in order to avoid creating false expectations -by way of fumum vendere ("smoke-selling") - by making sure that our clients are always clearly informed of our professional opinion and the progress of their affairs.


Logically, the aforementioned does not mean that we are at all daunted by the effective complexity of certain issues. Trusting our clients have been duly informed of the latter, we put all our resources at thei service: the in-depth study of each issue and our extensive experience as professionals that, whether in courtroom litigation, or in extrajudicial matters, allows us to find a satisfactory solution to the issues raised.


At the same time, our commitment to quality, refusing to resort to useless and expensive artifice, means we can offer our clients high value-added services with a highly competitive quality/price/result ratio.